Making work play for the IT-elite:

The worlds first  digital escape room

ABNAMRO wanted a recruitment-campaign that had the same ambition as their target group. Only the cream of the crop

had to apply. This approach hauled them in on their own terms. The Lockdown; an augmented reality escape room that challenged them in artificial intelligence, info-security, cryptocurrency and blockchain. If you couldn’t hack it, you couldn’t crack it. And this job wasn’t for you.


A comeback of

your mom's favorite store

Blokker, once marketleader in househould products, was fading. It wasn’t connected with nowadays families anymore.

Maybe only with your mom. But the thing is, your mom was right all along about Blokker. This brand knows how families roll and what they need. Still do. All they needed was un upgrade. Simply by staying true to who they are. This portrait of more than 30 families captured their relevance.

Omoda Unboxing shoes for

online shoppers

Omoda is the biggest online retailer for shoes. Only nobody knew this.

That's because they were into shoes, not into ads. A new app, a reset of their influencers, an online campaign and

French singer Jain changed all this. 

De Consumentenbond

How to unbore the Dutch

council for customers

The consumentenbond was once an institute for everybody who wanted an independent opinion about products

and their manufacturers. But Googles (sometimes shady) consumer reviews made them look pale and almost redundant. 

Nobody wanted to pay for their services anymore. This campaign gave back their own colors again.

By providing truly fresh consumer insights and smart online tools. And by looking cool, obviously.

Nationale Nederlanden

Dance anyone?

It’s not the search for a new house that stresses you out, it’s finding the right mortgage.

Nationale Nederlanden, a big Dutch mortgage lender offered a new service; the pre-mortgage.

Making sure that you already knew that the money was covered even before you actually bought a new house.

This film illustrates how that makes you feel when viewing a new home.

Kit Kat

Have a break from Hollands

most annoying celebrity

Kit Kat introduced their biggest Kit Kat ever. The Kit Kat Double Chunky Caramel. That deserved an epic break. One Holland had never seen before. It deserved a break from Gordon, the one and only guy nobody could escape from because of his omni-multi-mediapresence. We kicked him out of the country.

Marco Borsato

Home is where the homies are

Marco Borsato is a famous singer-songwriter that appeals to the hearts of many. This song is about what a true home is all about.

It’s basically a simple love song for his wife but we tried to broaden the perspective. So made couples, siblings and close friends stand

opposite to each other and look each other in the eyes for 5 minutes. No talking, just let them listen to the song and see what happens. Everybody, without exception, deeply connected and felt the special bond they shared. 


A self-destructing pre-roll

Pre-rolls are fucking annoying. Almost without exception. That’s why this one will eat itself in 10 seconds. 

Unox Knaks

The truth in every kids birthday party

Unox Knaks, a famous sausage, has a track-record of coming up with classic funny commercials.

They stand for no-nonsense, traditional family values and always show a sharp view on the zeitgeist.

Like the fact that nowadays everything must be bigger, beter and faster. While it can be as simple as a sandwich with Knaks. Instead of elephants.


This world needs more tolerance

And toilets

During the Pride there’s a huge shortage of public toilets. So everybody pees outside. A real nuisance for the residents of Amsterdam.

So Glorix provided squeaky clean toilets along the route and collaborated with the locals to open up their toilets for visitors. And celebrate diversity.

A PR-stunt that came from the hearth (and the hearth of the brand).

Bread isn't all bad

Bread is an issue these days. We all like it but sales plummet because we think it makes us fat.

Instead of taking a stand and trying deny all these assumptions we capitalized on its most valued quality; taste.

An ode to bread in all shapes and sizes. Followed by an online campaign where Dutch writers, poets and rappers quoted their own little manifests about their favorite piece of bread.

The no-campaign from McDonalds

The Quarter Pounder is an all-time classic at McDonalds. Research showed that you shouldn’t change this winning burger too much or people will get pissed off. Still they did. Luckily for the better. This film showes that even a small sidestep in taste can feel like a giant leap for the devoted Quarter Pounder fans.


The story behind the story.

Every year the annual documentary festival (IDFA) in Amsterdam draws a big crowd. Both Dutch and international guests flock the city.

This commercial was the announcement and shows what a good documentary should provide in. Depth, insight and awe. 

That's why the IDFA takes every story a bit further. It was aired in cinema's and on screens in big public (touristic) places like trainstations and airports.

Water as a muse for the world's

biggest shipyard.

Feadship is the biggest and most luxurious shipyard in the world. Is doesn’t need a campaign. But still wanted to reach out to their customers.

This is the first film out of a showcase where the owners of the ships share their inner thoughts about their connection with the sea. 

Campina. One day you will be older too

Campina, one of Hollands biggest diary-giants, holds a firm position in our collective memory. To maintain this position sometimes the only thing you have to do is to stand your ground. And give it an update. This new campaign changed brandperspective instead of brandpromise. Stating that dairy makes you strong but the ones who give it you make you grow.

Fair trade chocolate VS Sustainable Fish

Albert Heijn wanted to shine a light on all their sustainable products and therefore launched a discount promotion. This online campaign made the products introduce themselves and battle against each other. He who gathered the most votes got the 50% discount. So every week customers could decide themselves what product they wanted for half the price.